Jiřetín pod Jedlovou

The town was established in a half of 16th century by the Jiří Šlejnic from Saxon. There was exploited the ore, silver tin and alder. The mining finished in the year 1888. In the town there is situated the women monastery of 1874. On the south-west edge of town there is the hill Křížová hora (Cross hill) - the pilgrimage place from 18th century. The stations of the cross starts on the uphill by the monumental staircase. On the top of hill there is the chapel of St. Cross. Other interesting building in the town is the Neogothic church of Holy Trinity of 1590-1611 with baroque interior.

Infocentre - Nám. Jiřího 300, 407 56 Jiřetín pod Jedlovou, tel.: +420-412 379 336, e-mail:

The chapel in JiřetínThe chapel in Jiřetín
Chapel on the top of Cross hill
Stations of the cross
Jiřetín pod JedlovouJiřetín pod Jedlovou
Sight of town